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xml import accoss domains

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New to PHP.

I have a xml output [http://mydomain.com/xml.php?number=10] on another domian that i need to display on my site. js wont work due to security reasons so i need to use a Server side proxy i belive.

I asked for some help and got this back but cant get it to work.

So. instead of calling http://mydomain.com/xml.php?number=10

I call http://yourdomain.com/xmlFile.php

xmlFile.php then contains the follwing

[code]$strXmlData = fetchRemoteURL ( "http://yourdomain.com/xmlFile.php" ); //preferably using curl, though a simple fopen, fread() loop might do
header ( "content-type: text/xml" );
print $strXmlData;[/code]


[code]function fetchRemoteURL ( $strURL )
$strResult = '';
$fh = fopen ( $strURL, "rb");
  if ( $fh )
    while ( !feof ( $fh ) )
      $strResult .= fread ( $fh, 8192 ) ;
return $strResult;

can anyone help or surgest a better alternitive. the xml feed is not RSS complient BTW.



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