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Im new tot the php coding community...

I read allot of php articles, and i know or knew most of the codes...
But i noticed one thing, you have to work with php to controle and really know it.
So i want to start a website, and I just started and I'm stuck...
I made a design, top frame, down frame , en left frame.
For banner, footer, navigation, en whats left is for the text.
But now I'm qurious, what can i do to change the length of the page automaticcly and stuff

How can I learn to work with css or javascipt of whatever a need to make the page framings to my demands

Maybe someone of you had the same problem and has a good tutorial or so

Thanks Guys for you help

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First of don't bother with frames - you don't need em and they are horrible!

The length of a page should not need to be controlled - let it be what it is (unless you need to restrict a certain portion to an alloted size - then use a div with width/height settings and overflow: auto in your css!)

Welcome to the board mate - hope you enjoy the wonderful world of banging heads against monitors!

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this question isnt really for this area. post somewhere else on the forum with this question because its not php related.

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