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Advice on what to charge for a freelance job


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Hi all,


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum - but I was hoping for some advice.


I am creating a 'product showroom' site for some clients and I wanted to get peoples advice on how much I should charge for it.


I don't feel completely comfortable charging my normal hourly rate as quite a bit of it is mindless/skill-less data entry. I have an idea of the price but it would be great to get 2nd opinions.


It is a large 'product showroom' site built of Wordpress. It has a lot of custom PHP to retrieve information of products from a database. There are several categories so many different queries are needed. There will be a back end that will allow the creation of new products, along with the uploading of new images and removal/editing of existing entries. There will be ways to allow a selection of products to appear in a Specials area. As yet there is no ecommerce section.


A breakdown of the work involved would look like:


-About 18hrs data entry

-Site design and mock ups in Photoshop

-Custom Wordpress theme Creation

-Custom PHP and MySQL scripts for returning product info

-Building back end to allow product list to be updated

-Adding and configuring of various WP plugins (contact forms, slideshow)

-WP training


Sorry I cannot be more specific with the time it takes for each.


Any advice on an hourly rate or overall price would be appreciated!

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Doing "mindless data entry" is still spending your time that you could otherwise be doing something else.


In my opinion, charge for the time the project takes you no matter what task you are actually performing.


The only other option is to make a deal with your client to split the project into two separate projects - development, and data entry and then you can charge accordingly.

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