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Dynamic status update of program

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Hi guys,

I built a program that loops through a couple hundred of files, since this takes some time (5-10 minutes), I want to give the visitors on my webpage something to look at, I want to show them the progress the script is making, also for myself to see how fast the script is running. Since posting echo "$status\n"; won't work (if I do this, the whole webpage will be filled with text at the end of the session), I need to have the value update itself in a text field.

For example:
<input name="test" type="text" value=" ">

I need value to contain the variable $status (example: 120/780) and when the script reaches the next file, I want $status changed (example: 121/780). I know it is possible to do this, but can anyone help me implement it?

Thanks in advance.

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