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WHERE clause wont use variables with spaces.


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Like my title says I cant get  a mysql update to fetch and update row depending on what the where clause is equal too. it updates fine if the variable is one word but 2+ words it just doesnt input the data.


foreach($_SESSION['colid'] as &$id){
if($num > 2){
	$data = $_POST[$id];
	mysql_query("UPDATE `$table` SET `$colname`='$data' WHERE Unit='$id'") or die("error".mysql_error());


$_SESSION['colid'] is an array of all the table column names which i have made the same for each row of data under Unit.


so wen $id = word, it updates fine but $id = two words, it wont update. Ive tried `$id` | '`$id `' |  ('$id') pretty much everything thats worked before.


Is this fixable or do i  need to create columns with underscores instead of spaces eg. two_words then use a php function to swap _ to a space?



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Hey all the variables are valid and not empty its just that it seems that "WHERE `unit`='$id' " doesnt like $id to be two words with a spaces thats the ONLY problem.


Im not going to post the whole code in as the rest of the code works fine when using single word variable $id.



I have change a single word column that works fine and changed it to two words which it will then not input the data in the update query. i just want to know how to allow it to use it.

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