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How to enable short_open_tags?

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Hows it going, this is my very first post and I'm in need of some assitance. I got this software that needs to be upped into my website's hosting account. I upped all the files like the installation guide said. But it also said to go here to finish the setup.(dead link example)


I did, and it gave me this

[quote][/quote]Thank You for Purchasing!

Welcome to the installation wizard. Over the next 3 steps you will be asked for various details that will be used to build your MySQL database and configuration file. If you are unsure about what any particular option means, simply move your mouse over the help icon next to that item to learn more about it. To get started, please click on the "Proceed" button below.[quote][/quote]

and then it took me here

[quote][/quote]You don't have short_open_tags enabled. See
http://www.php.net/manual/en/configuration.directives.php for more information about this. Since we rely on short_open_tags, we can't proceed without this being addressed.[quote][/quote]   

Ive searched long and hard for the answer but I got nothing. plus Im a complete noobie to php. although I have fairly well knowledgeable PC skills, PHP language is complicated for me.

I did do some research I do know that in order to change the short open tags settings to enabled I gotta go to the ini.file. But I dont have an ini.file in the files I needed to upload. And dont have a clue on where to get one, and what to do to the ini.file once i find it. My question is simply this

How do I enable the short_open_tags?

Can A phpfreak help a guy out? Keep in mind Im a php idiot so if you can please explian in step by step, clear, precise instuctions, my 90 year old grandma can do it, i'd greatly appreciate it. Can you also point out if im going to use my micro. front page or any other programs. Please detail steps

Thanks alot in advance

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If that program relies on short_open_tags I would ditch it. Its poor practice, so Im sure the rest would probably also be sub par standard.

As for turning short tags support on... Its something you would generally need to ask your host to do.

PS: I edited the title of your post to something more descriptive.

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You could enable short_open_tags by adding the following:
[code]php_flag short_open_tags On[/code]
to .haccess file.

However I agree with thorpe using short tags is poor practice.

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