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Security Hole Help

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Hello, I made a blogging script and last night someone pointed out the security holes..I'm fairly new to php so some of it's confusing me a bit and i need some help. Here's what they said, i can do point one so i'll forget about that,

2 - You can erase (even with mq=on) all file that are stored on the server:

$t = stripslashes($t);
$fc = fopen ("blog_comments/$t.txt", "w");
fwrite ($fc, "");

3-Using point No 1 you can do some XSS couse there isn't any anti-Xss code for admins
4-If mq=on than you can deface the site (but no injecting PHP cause < and > are properly parsed)

Firstly, what's mq (message queue?)? How can you deface the site. What's wrong with $t = stripslashes($t); ?I need some guidance..

Thanks. Pete

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