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Restaurant/Cafe Layout

The Little Guy

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I spent all day yesterday making this layout, I would like it if you could give me some feedback on what you think. Right now there isn't much content, but that isn't what I am currently after. I designed it with Chrome 16, I am still working on getting it to look like chome in IE, and there is a small almost unnoticeable bug in Firefox. Another thing I need to do is make the main image on the home page smaller (500k is too large).


Other than all that, what do you think?



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Are you following the advice of that reddit thread?  If so, good work.


Either way, this looks like a nice site.  You need to trim down the size/loading time of that club sandwich image and put something in the footer.


Also, there's some kind of debug popup that appeared for me when the page finally finished loading.


Clicking "about suzie's" caused the page to perform some local action which made things move around in random directions.  I ended up looking at a blank grey rectangle with a left arrow hovering in the top right.  Nothing else happened.  The left arrow looked like a very bad CSS bug resulting from left/right arrows for a gallery or slideshow or something, but it turns out it's your menu.  Don't auto-hide navigation elements.  what if I was on a smart phone or tablet?  Show the menu all the time, especially if the alternative is a "go to the previous image" arrow in the wrong place.  Also, that page never loaded.


Clicking on the menu caused the same "things go in random directions" maneuver that I don't really like, then BACK to the same empty grey rectangle, which was eventually filled in (after 8 seconds) by a menu that didn't fit in the current site layout. 


Contact Us and Specials are broken/no content.


Edit:  And the logo in the header should return to the main page.  there is currently no way to get back to that picture of the sandwich.


I like the design, but keep the menu where it belongs, fix the transitions, make the menu fit into the site design (since that's the entire purpose of a restaurant website), and finish adding content to those other 3 pages, even if it's just "the history of the company goes here lorem ipsum dolor sit amit..."

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Here is my review: http://i.imgur.com/L0Lxz.jpg


Overall, it's a good website. The navigation bar is a bit buggy when it follows you and such (from what I find, the arrow is a bit weird). The header's background texture is a bit odd as well(same with the footer). The colors were good. The navigation menu, the actual links, were very well done imo. Very attractive etc. Like the stock photo effect. restaurant, menu, specials, contact links working, so I ignored C&C on those.


Good job!

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Thanks guys!


I fixed almost everything you guys suggested:


- I made it so the nav doesn't ever move, or hide

- The "About Suzies" link, works for me in IE/Chrome/Firefox, so I can't really fix it because I can't duplicate the problem.

- The menu, I can't figure out how to make fit to the screen, I read I needed to do this:

<object data="/media/pdf/menu.pdf#view=FitV" ...

- But that solution didn't work at all, so if anyone konws any solution to fix that, that would be great.

- In the places that don't have any content, I added some basic text to it.

- The logo is now clickable




- Resize the file size of the club sandwich

- Fix the texture (I would like to make it look like a weave if anyone has a Photoshop tutorial let me know)


Thanks again!

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Now that your menus no longer float, the auto-scroll should be removed.  Visiting a new page should start at the top of that page unless there's a good reason to believe people don't need your headers.  Browsing your site is "click.  scroll up.  click.  scroll up.  click."

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Overall, I think it looks nice, clean and straight to the point, it will be easy for users to find what they're looking for.  Something small that bothered me:


After selecting from the menu, don't auto scroll me down to the main container.  The site is short enough where most can see the content and not have to scroll back up to select another option.

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I'm running on a Mac Snow Leopard and using Firefox 9.0.1. I've got a screen resolution of 1440x900 and the image of the food to me seems a bit big, because I have to scroll down a bit to be able to see the whole thing instead of being able to see it at first glance.


And I'm not sure whether you were aiming for it, but the navigation at the top feels like it was cut off a bit. Not sure if it as unintentional or not, but it might be better if you shifted it a bit the left. Or maybe it's just my browser. ;P


But I quite like your colour scheme and the images are wonderful!


(I've attached a screenshot of the navigation on me screen.)


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I have to agree with the site feeling too big.  My laptop has a screen resolution of 1366x768, when I open the page the header seems to take up a little under 1/3 of the viewport, and your food image takes up the rest (and does not completely fit).  Using chrome's zoom feature to scale it down makes it seem better.  Knocking it down one notch (83% of normal) make a considerable difference.  Two notches seems even better, but at that point it would probably be way to small on larger screens.


Other than that, it looks good.  I like the colors, the layout is simple and easy to navigate.  Just needs some content now :)


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Why do I have to install additional plugins to view all the data on the page? Mac/FF3.6.


I would like to convert the menu to HTML, I have found many of sites, but none that allow me to make it a particular width. do you know of any site/program to do so?


Other than that I have filled most of the pages with content, and changed some of the styles slightly. What do you think of the new changes/additions?

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I'm not a fan of the burgundy text w/ drop shadow.  It's hard to read on a 1440x900 monitor.

Really... I can read it really clearly.


Ditch the PDF food menu and code up a new one yourself.  The existing yellow PDF doesn't fit with the rest of the site at all.  Make it look like the 'Specials' menu.


The pdf is now gone.

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