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Website for deliveries of logs


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I like the first design, I run with the less is more crowd and I think the site looks good to great for your target market, people like me. You aren't selling software or design services, your selling fire wood.


The only thing that I see is there may be someone like me who would type into a search engine a key phrase like hartford firewood, hartford firewood for sale or something like that. You can't cover all the bases but the main search phrase for your market in your area should be worked into the pages someway. I see your title(the one on the browser tab) says Hartford logs, I'd have it say Hartford Logs seasoned firewood for sale in Hartford or something like that, then make sure it's worked to the body someway. Build the content for the user first and when possible work your key phrase into that.

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you should add the meta description and keywords as well


<meta name="description" content="Hertford Logs seasoned firewood for sale in Hertford" /> 
<meta name="keywords" content="hertford, log, logs, delivery, firewood, seasoned firewood, loose logs, purchase firewood, buy firewood" /> 


Display business hours, directions, prices?, maybe also an email contact, for hours are not open

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My biggest issue with your site is 'header' area.  You have that HUGE block that is present on all pages.  If my screen was only a tiny bit shorter or I was one of those people with 10 toolbars in my browser, I wouldn't even know the content below it was changing.  I would either reduce the size of that banner area, have it change from page to page, or think of a different way to do that.


I agree with the comments about 'missing information'.  When to call, where you are if someone wants to come to you... maybe a FAQ section?

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My first reaction:

It's Bland. I'm Confused with the information, navigation, and the margins are all over the place.

What the heck is that number at the top?! is it a phone number? I have to guess - that's BAD.


Design Suggestions:


Your margins are inconsistant everywhere aaahh!  :(

Get out a ruler (yes I'm a jerk, I know) and go to the Loose logs page, now..  measure.


"hertford's no.1 choice for loose firewood logs! Dry, cut and seasoned."

-space from the margin top (where the white starts) compair to the space between the text and margin right

(where the white starts)  eep! it' very far right!

Do the same for your body copy in the lower portion of the page, it's all scrunched to the top here.

You'd be amazed at how this nitpicky structure can instantly make a website look 150billion% better.

www.960.com can help you


Use a font thats not in the grotesque category like Helvetica and most sanserifs, something with more personality like a serif or a freefont that's not over the top. Check out fontsquirrels serifed faces and pick something tasteful. The selling point of your business is logs that will burn easily to keep your customers warm by the fire and that your a long standing family business, So you want a font that feels comfortable to look at and that contributes to that local "fuzzy" warm theme.

Helvetica is just too bold and demanding!


Also, your navigation links are weak.. Make them look "clickable."  They look like regular static text until I scroll over and the hand icon appears. Give them roll overs maybe in CSS.. make them more... buttony... :)


Welcome page:


feature the main graphic with a nice pull quote. The information that's included in the bottom is a repetition of what's on the about page? Home page reads "Log deliveries in Hertford" while the about page reads "Firewood loge deliveries in Hertford."  Cut out the repetition.


Remove that body copy entirely from the Home page and move it to the about page.


Instead!!... Leave a nice orange link on your home page that reads something along the lines of "Yes, We Deliver to Hertford." and create that link as clickable to re-direct you to the about page where more information is stored.

The line you have in there... "There's a more convenient way of storing wood" is an awesome line! so use it someplace better!


About page:


We were welcomed by the log graphic, but do we need to see the logs and pull quote featured in the top body section on every page? Pull it off every page exept for home to open up some real estate for more information. If people want to learn ABOUT your company this is where they will do it. You have some info about how your logs are processed but... didn't you say it was a local family business?.. of four generations? ... That's interesting.. People want to know more and it's also a selling point. Consumers LOVE local, particularly Family owned/run local! Give me more! Tell me how you think of the enviroment while logging. Tell me when your Open! Tell me when I can call!


Products pages:


Loose logs and net logs

Do we need two pages or can you condense this under one title "Services"? 


Provide better information on your services, I've personally lived in a house that relied solely on 4 fireplaces to keep it warm in the winter so I know how important it is understand clearly how much firewood you are getting. "equivalent to just over 2 of the big, dumpy builders bags, but obviously loose on the back of our vehicle." Is not a very good description when you want to maintain that comfort level you greeted the user with on the first page. Estimate a weight , quarts... something other than dumpy builders bags.


Net logs! neat! This is a service I could use but.... what kinds of logs come in the nets? On the about page I see Cherry, Oak, Ash, Acer, Beech, Birch and Hawthorn.  Are they just assorted left over bits? I mean.. that's fine.. I'd just like to know. I'm curious.... and what is a convenient time? Your hours of operation aren't listed so is it at my convenience or yours?



Work on this stuff and you'll improve the impact of your website 100fold.




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