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Wordpress: Custom form post method not working

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Hi guys,


I know this is a Wordpress question by I am really hoping I can get a hand here (the WP forums are pretty useless).


I have created a custom form with this:


<form action="http://www.adamsherman.com.au/postureperfection/thankyou" method="post">


When I hit the submit button on the form, however, it just gives me a 404.


BUT, if I copy and paste the above URL into my browser it works fine (I.E. takes me to the thankyou page that mails the form info).


Heres the contact page if you want a go:



Would anyone know whats going on here?





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I have solved this myself.


When I left all the form fields blank it worked. I then tested all the fields and found that the Name field was causing the error. I do not know why but perhaps $name is a reserved variable. I changed it to $customer and it works fine!

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