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WEIRD! MS SQL connection suddenly stopped working


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I coded an employee information system a few years ago and it has evolved all along, with new features being added and such. Well, we recently added a new SQL 2008 server and migrated it all over there. This was done by a consultant and he basically migrated all databases and user accounts to the new server. I changed my code to point to the new server and it worked like a champ.


That is, until a couple of days ago....... It worked great for the last month and a half. Now, it suddenly won't connect any longer ("Unable to connect to database _____....."). I can change the code to point back to the old server and it works fine again.


One of the other guys double- and triple-checked the accounts on the new server and they match.


The old server is SQL Server 2000. The new one is SQL server 2008 R2.


Any help is greatly appreciated!



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