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Variable problem

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I am using a 'for' loop to create multiple textboxes and checkboxes.
My problem is that each textbox and checkbox needs to be named separately.
So in the 'for' loop I have something like this:

document.write ("<TR><TD><INPUT TYPE=text NAME=text_i CLASS=textbox></TD><TD><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=check_i CLASS=checkbox onClick='checkbox(i)'></TD></TR>");

In the NAME tag for each INPUT, you see that there is an 'i'.  I need that 'i' to be replaced with a number value (i++) after each iteration of the loop.  However, I'm not sure how to get a number in that position of the string.  Obviously, 'text_i' and 'check_i' won't work, but I'm not sure how to place a variable within the string.

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[code]for( var i = 0; i < N; i++ ) {
document.write ("<TR><TD><INPUT TYPE=text NAME=text_"+i+" CLASS=textbox></TD><TD><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=check_"+i+" CLASS=checkbox onClick='checkbox("+i+")'></TD></TR>");

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