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Migrating to Live Server

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I followed a dreamweaver tutorial and set up a testimonials area for a website that I'm building. Everything works great on my local machine and I'm ready to upload it to a live server. I set everything up using one MySQL Database and One table. Would it be easier to just upload my php pages and make a new MySQL database on the live server w/ php admin? I know it made another php page in a "connections" folder which I'm sure I will have to put into a "connections" folder on the live server.


What is the easiest way to move this at to my webserver from my localhost?



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Would be easiest to create new tables on your server, unless you can copy paste the mysql script used to create the tables into notepad and save them as tableName.sql. Then in phpAdmin there shold be and option there (I think under SQL option) to upload your sql files which will create them for you.


Your host should have already given you a database to use, you would then just have to change you code in you Connections/dbconnect.php file to match the name of the database ($database_dbconnect = nameOfDatabaseOnPHPAdmin) and any other file containing a connection to the database (use Dreamweavers Find and Replace), usually the name of the $hostname in your dbconnect.php will remain as localhost. You'll know this when you log in to phpAdmin, it'll say MySQL 4.0.22 running on localhost as yourusername@localhost.

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