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Eclipse PHP and XDebug teething problems

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I have managed to debug my PHP application using XDebug and Eclipse - This is like a dream as I am used to the luxury of a debugger :-)


However I have a few problems...


1) It will only stop at any of my breakpoints if I start the debug session from index.php - Used to work on other pages too but since I tried to uncheck the Break at first line this problem arose? I only want it to stop at my breakpoints which is why i fiddled with these settings in the first place..


2) In the PHP debugger section it seems to think I am using the Zend Debugger - I don't even have this installed (why does it work?) I originally set it up with the Xdebug as this choice?


3) How do you simply import an existing php file into your project? I did it by using windows explorer view and dragging the files I wanted to use in to eclipse which seemed to add them to the library. However when I later did a create new file selection and then debugged it didn't find the file. I then created the new file manually and drag and dropped it in and it worked fine?


my php.ini settings are as follows:


zend_extension = "C:\xampp\php\ext\php_xdebug.dll"









Image attached to show relevant settings in Eclipse:


Please any advise would be greatly received.






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