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Personal Portfolio-y thing

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I hope I'm not too hard on ya... Critiquing is one of my more favored things to do in the design world, everything is meant to be construtive. :)



My first question is.. who is your audience?

If it's a portfolio you're targeting employers so logicaly you'd want to showcase some of your best work that has relevance to the type of job you're after.


When we visit this site the blog is the main page, atleast in my understanding.

If the audience you're trying to target is searching for literature on a certain subject I could understand featuring only the blog.


Many portfolios, including mine, start with a bit of information about what you're selling, in this case yourself since it's a portfolio, and maybe 1 or 2 samples of your BEST work to entice the viewer to click.


I think it's a problem you've labeled your blog as home.

What happens when a user navigates away from the main page then decides they want to go back to the blog?

Will they have to think about which Nav item to pick or use the back button?


Big problem with the images. Removing the links to the graphic is the immediate solution to this, If you want to be fancy then use JavaScript "fancybox" to display your graphics. In this case the images you link to are the same size as the ones displayed in browser, so there's no point of them linking to same-sized versions of themselves, You're making your users work to hard.


The textures with the colours and fonts are spot on.

Complementary colours almost always = win.


All of the copy is hilarious, I love it, I want more.


The best advice I can give you over all is to put some time researing the information heirarchy. Here's some great reading material to get you started, pay special attention to the Exercise to Test Visual Hierarchy at the bottom, I think your site could benefit from it.




"When establishing a page design for your Web site, consider your overall purpose, the nature of your content, and, most important, the expectations of your readers." -Web Style Guide


That's all you get from me for now!  My brain is greedy and will hoarde the rest of its design knowledge for my evil-ish agenda.



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When I critiqued this I was under the impression that you had created the custom theme yourself since you had posted that it was your own "custom modified theme",  but it would seem that all credit is due to Nudge Design for their liquorice theme.  I am curious to know exactly what was added as your own creation since I really don't see anything that didn't come pre-packaged with the theme itself with the exception of your chat-o-matic. Personally, I am disappointed by what you've presented and I am disappointed that I had to find out the theme was created by Nudge design through my own research. I hate to sound cruel but it's very important you make it abundantly clear what is and what is not your own when you're asking for a critique.




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Yup, what WickedWold said. This is not a custom theme that you made, but instead just used this one and changed the copyright.

If you used a template, and you have not provided the relevent credits to the template creator as required, DO NOT POST YOUR SITE FOR CRITIQUE HERE. We do not condone blatant theft of other people's hard work.


Thread closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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