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Checking answers in quiz...

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I'm writing my own quiz and I need one script. When the user choose bad answer under the quiz he'll see the text that his answer isn't good, and if he choose correct answer he'll see the text that his answer is good. Here you have the code of my quiz:

    <td class="text" align="left">
  <font SIZE="3"><center>Quiz about my site</center></font></B>

  1. When I made this site?
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="ans1" value="1"> in 1996
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="ans2" VALUE="2"> in 1992
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="ans3" VALUE="3"> in 2006
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="ans4" VALUE="4"> in 2003

<form><input TYPE="button" VALUE="Next question" onClick="parent.location.href='quiz2.html'"></FORM>

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