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PEAR channel using a unsupported protocol


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I am having problems upgrading my existing packages in PEAR.


I mean I did try removing the .channels folder in my /usr/share/pear folder but this doesn't fix it nor does uninstalling pear and then reinstalling is there something I am missing sorry?


I mean I have been on about 10 blogs and every solution doesn't seem to work, I keep getting the message:


pear.php.net is using a unsupported protocol - This should never happen


This occurs for 11 times in a row when I run:

pecl upgrade-all


What is actually causing this? I mean I have tried removing the .channels folder as I said above and even tried removing pear but nothing seems to work, might try removing the pear folder perhaps (as that did not remove last time), is there anything else I am missing?


Any helps much appreciated!


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Ok when I renamed the pear directory in /usr/share/pear to something like /usr/share/.pear (so not to remove it completely incase something went wrong), I then reinstalled pear and it keeps coming up with not as many as 11 errors of the same occurence but just 2 now.


What could still be causing this? I thought removing pear completely would eliminate such an error?


Any help agains massively appreciated,


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