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Lot's of loose space in there you could use up.  I don't think this is really affective at providing 'rest' for the eye, It just makes me work more to see the page.  The logo "video Zoo" and the nav bar can be raised about a half inch towards the top of the browser, Ideally you would line up the bottom of the orange that reads " 1 bruger online" to that of the orange on the logo "Zoo."  The list of "thumbnailed" videos at the bottom is a lot bigger than it needs to be! 36 videos is a lot to scroll through, why not break them up into groups of 12 (3 lines) and then use some pagination to reveal the rest. On the right hand sidebar does the AD need to be there? If that space is sold why not pull your facebook app from that portion and bump the ad up. Make sure your 1/4 inch margins are maintained, I noticed you missed that on between the facebook app and the advertisement. Have a look on youtube at how it handles it's Face book integration. You've got that HUGE 1 inch space under the video player, why not use it for something?! ... If you don't think that's a great idea.. Adjust your margins.  You did a nice job starting keeping most of them the same size, just fix the rest.

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Hey again!


Thanks everyone for the replies!


I see the problem with the slider - and it annoys me too... however it is no an easy fix, so it will take some time... but i agree! - it needs to get done..


As for the margins and empty spaces i see your point! - i will try make the page content a little more compact!


Thanks again for your feedback :D

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