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30-Second Time-Out


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Yea, its a setting in your php.ini file. Make sure you are editing the correct ini file, run a phpinfo(); and see where the file is. Open it up, and change the max_execution_time variable from 30 to 60. Save the ini file, and restart the server



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Two problems marker5a.


1) I believe that Spycat was refering to the forums here, not on a personal server so they can't change the php.ini file.


2) You should try to eliminate as much load time as possible. If you just keep cranking up your execution time out you could have an excessive load time that your users will not hang around for. 30 seconds should be more than enough. If your script executes longer than 30 seconds I strongly recommend you rethink your code.

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Thanks for making your first response on the forums as a bump to a thread that's nearly a month and a half old!


Thread closed!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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