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Looking for something better than PHPMyEdit,MyDbo,CodeGenie

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Finally after getting the table generations script working and into the application..I now want all the same fields to be editable but again I cannot be bothered to sit there and code everything. I have seen form generation scripts such as phpMyEdit, MyDbo and CodeGenie but they dont support what i want.

Anyone know of a better solution for the following :

Need to be able to link 2 tables together, for example a user account with their relevant company information in another table (identified by the user_id in the companies table)
I want the company names to be selectable when adding the user, not the company id that is no good!

Generally the scripts I have seem come close, but dont have these features...phpMyEdit is too basic, MyDBo I just dont like and CodeGenie is a bugger to get working.

Any ideas?

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