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CAPTCHA....Ya killin' me smalls!

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Hey there,


So this is a question for the admins of the site... Is there any point where users can bypass the captcha code? It gets to me, and every other post or so, I usually get it wrong. Is there a certain post count, or a certain setting that allows individual users not to have to enter the code?


Not saying specifically for me, that's being self centered, but I was just curious if there's a minimum at which you have to post before you're free of CAPTCHAtivity.


Cheers bros

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Why does the question have to be some dang riddle? Peter, Mary, WhAT!?? And it doesn't allow you to choose another question? This is not cool at all! And before that I was entering Sheet which was the right answer for Cascading Style ___ and it didn't work. Isn't captcha a pain enough?!

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