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Probably sick of seeing me, but here is another revision for my site


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If you're 98% ready to go, this feedback might be a little late, but whatever.  It's very......... blue.  I think a lot of readers/viewers will be turned off by such a stark/bold background.  There is a reason a lot of sites use white behind content.


Why aren't the thumbnails on the main page clickable?  You should be giving your users every possible chance to get to the content easily.  If you're worried about SD vs. HD, take them to SD initially and give them the choice to bump it up.


I went into the first one and there is a 'back to learning' or whatever near the top.  I expected to be taken back to where I was when I clicked that but I ended up in an entirely different screen with stuff that didn't really make sense to me.


When I click into a video, I kind of expect it to play automatically.  Making me click again is kind of annoying.  I can understand if you're trying to save bandwidth but the extra click is not as user friendly.


No guitar lessons/teacher?  Seems like a popular choice to me.

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