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elemental - chemical compound maker


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coded this up over the last couple of days, using a newly developed mvc style design.

the idea was sprung a while back but finally got down to doing it.

its a periodic table and the idea is to create compounds from the elements.

I only have a few compounds hard coded in, plus a few easter eggs for people making words from symbols instead.



looking for feedback on the design and also functionality and any ideas of what to add to make it more fun.


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i removed it as i found it and excuse the pun, less of a drag to double click. it also meant i could get the sortable working in the final area without cloning. its something i need to get sussed out properly.


Ok for now I have re added the drag facility. however it  means i had to removed the sortable on the final area which clones, while i work out how to fix that bit


did anyone make any interesting elements yet? I hadded a few domestic compounds, some simpole obvious ones, a few for the street pharmists, and a few radnom ones , like TNT

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It's nice.  I can see this being an excellent educational tool.  It took me a bit to figure out that you had to click the + key to add molecules, so some simple help docs would be good.  The bottom group of the table seems to have some elements where the mouseover doesn't work.


You're onto something really good here.  Keep adding to it, and I can see this being a site that could develope a significant amount of traffic over time.  Cosmetically, I think a background image would spruce it up.  This is a similar site, which might provide you some ideas, although your editor is a wrinkle they do not have, and differentiates your idea.  http://www.ptable.com/



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