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multidimensional array problrm


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I'm trying to create a multidimensional array of movies organized by genre. This should take the form of an associative array with genres as keys.  Each of the arrays elements should be an array containing movie names.


This is what I have:


$movies = array(

        array("SF" => "", "Terminator", "Soylent Green", "I Robot", "frankenstein"),

        array("horror" => "exorcist", "IT", "frankenstein"),

        array("comedy" => "holy grail", "blazing saddles", "young frankenstein")



//echo $movies[0][0]."<br>";

//echo $movies[1][0]."<br>";

//echo $movies[2][0];


foreach ($movies as $c) {

        while (list($k, $v) = each ($c)) {

echo "$k ... $v <br/>";





this is the output:

SF ...

0 ... Terminator

1 ... Soylent Green

2 ... I Robot

3 ... frankenstein

horror ... exorcist

0 ... IT

1 ... frankenstein

comedy ... holy grail

0 ... blazing saddles

1 ... young frankenstein


you'll see Terminator is only listed as element 0 because there's an empty string in front of it. The first item in the array is liated as the value to the key while the second value is listed as element 0.  It doesn't seem right to me.

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Your array is nothing like what you have described your looking for.


$movies = array(
    "SF" => array("Terminator", "Soylent Green", "I Robot", "frankenstein"),
    "horror" => array("exorcist", "IT", "frankenstein"),
    "comedy" => array("holy grail", "blazing saddles", "young frankenstein")

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