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List of all countries, states and its cities

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Hi Friends,

I am in need of the list of all the countries, states and its cities. I am looking for one which is a mysql table. Kindly help me if you have it or guide me to a URL where i can download it for free.


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not really the right place for this thread, but still:

that should do you. tis pretty huge and takes a chunky amount of time to get it into a DB, but by far the best (and free) one i've found so far.

as for the states, i needed another file for this, but i dont have the link. do a google search for 'FIPS' and you should be able to dig up something, then use mysql to perform LEFT JOINS to match the cities to their respective county/state.
[b]edit:[/b] the FIPS info is on the same site as the link i gave you.


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