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php4 and spanish words - help

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I created a site with php5 that uses both English and Spanish. It works great in php5, but when I sent the files to our main office in Spain, so the files could be added to the server, they displayed differently. I found out they are only using php4 and whatever is different between the two php versions (or way they are setrup) is making the Spanish letters that use special characters in php4 like (Español, satisfación) all end up displaying incorrectly like (Espa´?¢l, satisfaci´?¢). Can someone please tell me how to display the special characters correctly in php4 or is it a setting in the php.ini file that needs to be configured.


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It's difficult to offer a solution, because the problem is probably related to a specific function or command that is being run on the text or perhaps how it is stored in a database.

If I run this [b]echo "(Español, satisfación)";[/b] on a PHP4 server it displays correctly.

You should probably do some debugging by echoing the text to the screen at the various stages. For example before and after any commands/functions you apply to the text.

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