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Mail delivery failure on php mail() function


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Hi guys


I hope someone can help me with an php mail issue as server setup is something i dont know very much about.


I have a simple form on a client's website that sends its output via the php mail() function.


The website's domain is hosted externally. They have pointed the A and @ records to my server and their MX records are set elsehwere and point to an external mail server.


The issue is the form outputs works perfectly on my own email addresses but not on the client's email. At first i assumed my messages were getting spammed on the client's side but it has been confirmed that this is not the case.


When i check the zone file on my server it has a default mx record setup as "theirsite.com.". And when i check the 'email delivery route' in cpanel it tells me it's directing locally to theirsite.com.


I assume this is incorrect and it should actually be pointing externally. Am i right in thinking i need to setup the zone file to point at their external mail servers and this will correct the issue with delivering off the mail() function?



Any advice is very gratefully received!



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