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My First Portofolio Website

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Hello PHP freaks, I just finished my first Portfolio website and I was hoping to get some feedback on the design, layout, and functionality of the site. This is only my second website build and I was just hoping to get some feedback.


the site is http://www.silvadev.com


Any and all criticism is greatly appreciated.



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I acually think it looks very good...


There is only one thing i would change and that is the FB link botton. I would move that up where it is easier to see...


I would probably also use another font, but that is probably just me ;)

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I wondering if touch knew of any tutorials on image optimization.

Aso were you talking about the font for all the content ?


Once again thank you

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I think this site could improved.


For starters, there's just a lot of stuff on the screen.  The index page has four different background patterns/textures:


1. Header/footer stripes

2. White border texture

3. The blue Fleur de Lis looking pattern

4. The splat pattern in the content area


It's too busy, and makes the text hard to read.


The 'Silva Developments' button looks a bit smooshed horizontally, and the lettering looks a bit cockeyed.  Stretch it out, and make it easier to read.


The other big thing is to work on your writing.  There are some awkward parts, as well as an uneven tone.  Are you trying to be straight-laced and professional?  Relaxed and informal?  Do turns of phrase like "One of the coolest things about my CMS is..." fit with what you're trying to broadcast as your image?


Above all else, remember that you're selling yourself.  To that end, don't mention skills you don't possess, and don't give weak equivocations like "I'm working on learning X."  Don't lie to clients, but don't give them a reason to doubt you.  Regardless of what vibe you want to give off, always convey confidence about your skills.  If you don't at least appear to be completely confident in yourself, why should a client have confidence in you?


One final, small quibble - don't list HTML and HTML 5 separately, or CSS and CSS 3.  They're simply revisions to existing standards, and are about 90% the same as previous iterations.  It would be like listing PHP 4 and PHP 5 separately (even though there are more appreciable differences between them).  One of the things a lot of new developers do is try to dazzle potential clients with jargon in order to make up for their own lack of skill or confidence.  Don't be that guy.  Clients and potential clients desire two things above all else:


1. Honesty

2. Clarity


In the long run, it's better to lose business because you can't meet a client's needs than to promise what you can't deliver and string them along while trying to learn on the job.  And, it's even better to be the honest guy who comes into the picture to fix Mr. Jargon's mess.  That's the path to repeat business and referrals.


All that said, you have a decent base here.  Work on editing/refining/improving it.

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I went ahead and removed the splash images off t he index page to give it more of a clean look. I as well worked on the wording of  my qualifications. I am trying to give the more professional feel on my portfolio site and it is sometimes I get off track thinking that in order for my website to really stand out I have to throw in some type of design stuff (like the splashed).


I really enjoy writing php web applications and working more on the back end of websites, but sometimes I feel that the only ones that get noticed are the designers and therefore I try to throw design stuff in there to make it stand out but I think I am only making it worse.


Thank you all for ya'll help and suggestions, it is nice to get some real feedback from some that isn't a family or friend. Because to be honest I am not even sure if I am even really good at making sites. That is why I really value all of ya'lls opinions.


I wanted to ask what spiderwell was talking about on the image optimization on the rollover???


And should I leave the facebook link on the site?? Or move it to the top of the page?? Or will it work where it is at??


Hope to hear from ya'll soon.


"All I know is that I Know Nothing" - Socrates

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