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small, medium, large with quantities


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As long as I'm logged in (although this may be more to the topic of 'table structure'), my table has fields for small, medium, and large blue candles and small, medium, and large pink candles.

When an order is placed, the quantity requested is INSERTED into the correct field.


Am I creating unnecessary overhead?


Is there a way to have just one field for blue candles and one for pink, whereby the INSERT will record a customer request for 4 candles that are the small size?  And how would I retrieve the data when I want to know both the total number of candles and their sizes.


Note: the order form has radio buttons for the sizes, so a single order can only accept a single size per submission.  Not sure if there's a simple way around that, but I'm learning more each day.


Thanks in advance.

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How about this structure?


order_id | ...
       1 |
       2 |
       3 |


product_id | color | size   | ...
         1 | blue  | small  |
         2 | blue  | medium |
         3 | blue  | large  |
         4 | pink  | small  |
         5 | pink  | medium |
         6 | pink  | large  |


order_id | product_id | quantity | ...
       1 |          1 |        3 |
       1 |          3 |        3 |
       2 |          2 |        5 |
       2 |          5 |        5 |

That's a fairly typical setup for this kind of thing.

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