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Beer Run


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You haven't had a real beer till you've come to Northern England!


Fixed that for you. :)


P.S. England does indeed produce some very fine ales, and lots of awful ones (these are generally found in the south).


Fixed your fix ;)


Scotland produce the best whiskies in the world. Hands down. Get me an Old Pulteney with cheese and crackers any day of the week and I'm happy. But I stand proud by Yorkshire for the best beers. Black Sheep Ale is my flavour of the month. Though was speaking to the barman about how long it lasts in the cask, and he says 8 days from opening. So unluckily for you, I'm guessing it doesn't get shipped too far out of Yorkshire :P


Southern England sucks for beer though (of what I've tasted from my few trips down there). They don't even put sparklers on the taps! So even if they produced a good beer, you wouldn't know because all you get is a flat acidic pint.

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Beer tastes like carbonated piss.  Just sayin'.


Especially when it's warm. *puke*


I don't drink (or smoke, or do any kind of recreational drugs... I'm a regular Buzz Killington :P ), so threads like these are always interesting.  They reveal a world I could never get into.

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