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Looking for some feedback


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It seems to work fine, but the way you load pages with the address locations I don't care for.



would look much better as something like



and can even further improve these



For fancier urls



Is various articles concerning urls


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First, congratulations on your first full site design and development. That's a lot of work, I know.


I concur with an earlier comment that the background doesn't seem to fit with health foods.


My biggest problem is that there are NO PRODUCTS readily visible. It takes too many steps for me to see your products. I'd suggest having a few featured products on the home page, probably 3-6 - in rows of three across. A thumbnail, title, price, and buy button. How many potential customers are going to "request a price"? We want as much information as possible NOW so we can make a purchase.


Also, your product titles are misleading. What does "Antipasto Baby Roma Tomato 250" mean? And what am I getting?


Don't make the mistake so many retailers make: assuming your customer knows your products.


Good luck!

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