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Finding new work


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You have to make your own opportunities sometimes too. I got some paid work from this forum just last week, in the freelance section.  just casually reading, saw one that i knew i could do easily, so thought I would send an email,  few exchanges later resulted 1 hours work for £30!


Now if i could convert that rate into a 40hour week...

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When I first started freelancing, it was from this very forum in the freelancing section.


I get up when I want, work when I want and go to sleep when I want.

I've earned about £1,300 a month doing freelancing over the last year or so, marketing myself as a sole trader. I also sold my share in a website I built without any upfront pay from the client, it sold for £3,000 and 50% was mine, which I got as soon as the deal was made and the money was in the clients account. (Expected to receive nothing)


I've done about 25 different projects from the freelancing section, and became friends with most of my clients.

They recommend me to their friends and co-workers and such, so I always seem to have a steady flow of work coming in from those.

So it's good to check around forums and such and build a rapport with the clients, as it nearly always leads to more work.


Regards, PaulRyan.

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Thanks for all of the ideas. I have been trying to get some work from local businesses and such. Just trying to start somewhere.


I have sent out letters and cold calling people. So far nothing so I think I am going to expand my area of looking and see what I can come up with.

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