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TWO questions:


I haven't actually CONNECTED and POSTED.  My form has two input fields that combine in a TOTAL field. I notice that the address bar is carrying TOTAL=input1+input2 when it TRIES to connect.  Do I need to include

the TOTAL field in the database if the info is NOT relavant data? the strg and chick TOTALS? 


Will the database accept PARTIAL data from a form that has 25 field with only 6 being populated for testing?


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My form has input1 and input2.  It then adds them and displays as TOTAL.  All 3 items have NAMES, and the form submission apparently grabs ALL the names to carry the info to the database.  Is a field for each of the 3 items REQUIRED for the database to accept the data?  I only need the two inputs for access.

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