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Viewing data from QUERY


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I know that I can fairly easily pull my data from the database and view it in a browser.

I can also 'polish' it with some HTML or put it into a table.

Can I get an item from a given VARIABLE to appear inside of an INPUT box, so that it looks the same as when it was initially submitted?

Can it be done with a multiple choice SELECT dropdown, so that the item chosen is viewable again?

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I was gonna try something like that, but i GREATLY appreciate your response.  As a newbie it's VERY reassuring to know that something should work BEFORE attempting it.  Now if I run into trouble, I can at least feel confident that the effort is worthwhile, rather than the concept being impossible.



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Ohhhhhhh, rest assured, I AM!!!!!


Just noticed that certain numeric inputs in the database are shown as 3.00 and others as 3.  Then I realized some fields were SMALLINT and others were VARCHAR.


I try not to post unless I'm really stumped, or short of time (because of the HOURS LOST chasing wrong solutions... LOL.  Nonetheless, I am enjoying the process.  Even at 3AM!


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