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[work in progress] website with amazon-web-services - needs your feedback


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hello dear phpfreaks


as i am in the mid of building up a site for book-recommendations i eagerly wait to see your ideas & feedbacks


see the page which is made with joomla


see it here http://literaturen.org/


and see all the  template-positions http://literaturen.org/?tp=1


what do you say - would you change the banner... 

which additional features you would like to see!?


love to hear from you


greetings  dilbert

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My first impression of the site was not so good. The web page does not look good in Google Chrome, the browser I use. The Booklibrary Top 10 is too wide for the sidebar. It runs into the text in the middle of the page. The sidebars have more content than the center area. The Books link takes you to a new page layout rather than using the same theme as the rest of the site and the image at the top is broken. There doesn't seem to be much content. The banner image on the other template is broken as well. The layout is forgettable. Sorry for being harsh. You still have a ways to go, but with some more work, you can make it look better. Put less content in the sidebars, and make sure the content doesn't run into the middle section. Make sure your images are not broken. Add more site content. Those are my suggestions.

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