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query problem in fetching records using oracle and php

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i have table called location_state , the fields are stateid and statename.

for example : i have inserted the statename as karnataka.


in my search module, if i try to search this record with "KARNATAKA " . it is not displaying the above record. i hav used query as

select * from location_state where state_name like '%KARNATAKA%';


THE Query is working fine if i write like ---select * from location_state where state_name like '%karnataka%';


how would i search if an user is typing in uppercase letter while searching. pls help guys....

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you need to format the search value before you run the actual search query. so when the value entered is passed to the php code,

// if $location = KARNATAKA
$location = strtolower($location);
// would change it to 'karnataka'

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