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message AFTER the UPDATE


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Along the same lines as a "Thank you for you submission" message, is there a simple way to echo the CHANGES made to a record AFTER it has been UPDATED.


For example: You have added 2 skirts and 1 shirt to your order

OR      You're order has been reduced by 2 pair of socks.


This would compare what was stored with the change.


Alternately, is there a way to show a message that ONLY addresses the values that have CHANGED as a result of the UPDATE.

Example:  You have altered the quantity of the following items: dresses, hats, gloves.


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I am no expert but I don't think there is simple way to accomplish something like that with php alone. I would say that the easiest method would be to use AJAX to send the request, compare the results to the current information in the cart, then update it. Something along those lines. If you post an example code with some kind of pre-defined logic, I can probably help you further.

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Never used AJAX (except in the sink!)


It's not THAT important, was just thinking out loud.


There's probably something burried in my Javascripting that'd do it too, but I'm trying to learn/experiment with PHP and database usage.

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Never used AJAX (except in the sink!)


lol, haven't heard that one before...


Nways, I understand. Look into the PHP Session function, you can most likely accomplish what you want by using sessions and good php logic. If you are not familiar with sessions, here's a good intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPX_g_hcuH8&feature=relmfu

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This thread is more than a year old. Are you sure you have something important to add to it?

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