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PHP 5 / XP /IIS 5.1 /MS SQL

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I have PHP installed on IIS on an XP local server. The MS SQL server is on another box, and is connectable from other applications including .NET.


I can't seem to get my connection to work:



$cur_server = 'DNS_SERV_NAME';

$cur_user = 'sa';

$cur_pw = '';


$connection = mssql_connect($cur_server, $cur_user, $cur_pw)

or die("Could not connect: ");


$dbname = 'db_name';

$db = mssql_select_db($dbname , $connection)

or die("Invalid Select: ");


$result = mssql_query("SELECT Description FROM Powers WHERE Valid_Flag = 'Y' ORDER BY Description",$connection)

or die("Invalid query: ");




Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to server: DNS_SERV_NAME in......



Q1: Any suggestions / references ?


Q2: Additionally, with MySQL I've used . mysql_error() in my die(). Is there an equivelant or alternative error specifics function that can be used with mssql functions?





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