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Issue in count date from date range


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I encountered problem in my counting number of dates from date to date.


for example :

he file leave:


·        Feb. 18, Saturday


·        Feb. 20, Monday


·        Feb. 21, Tuesday



$DATE_LEAVE_FROM =  2012-02-18

$DATE_LEAVE_TO = 2012-02-21


Using this code:


  $DATE_FROM = strtotime($DATE_LEAVE_FROM, 0);
  $DATE_TO = strtotime($DATE_LEAVE_TO, 0);
  $difference = ($DATE_TO - $DATE_FROM);
  $HOURS_LEAVE = floor($difference / 86400);

usiing this code the output is 4, because of the from date to date range which is correct.


BUt I need to count only the date which is from Monday to Saturday or should I say don't count date which is Sunday..


Is it possible?How?


Thank you so much


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$leaveStarts = '2012-03-08'; //starting date;
$leaveEnds = '2012-03-13';//ending date;

echo 'You have requested ' . hoursOfLeave($leaveStarts,$leaveEnds,7,15,array('Sunday')) . ' hours of leave.'; //function usage, printing to screen.

function hoursOfLeave($timeStarts,$timeEnds,$workStarts,$workEnds,$skipDays = array()) { //NOTE: workstarts, and workEnds is 24 hour clock.
$hoursPerDay = $workEnds - $workStarts; //how many hours per day does work last.
$hours = 0; //start our hour count.
$start = strtotime($timeStarts); //cast the start time to a unix timestamp.
$end = strtotime($timeEnds); //same for the end time.
for($i = $start; $i < $end; $i += 86400) { //set i to the starting timestamp, continue to loop until i is greater than or equal to the end timestamp, adding a full days seconds to i on every loop.
	if(!empty($skipDays) && in_array(date('l',$i),$skipDays)) { //if there are skip days, and the current timestamp(i) says we are inside of it.
		continue; //start a new loop cycle (bypass counting the hours of this day).
	$hours += $hoursPerDay; //add the hoursPerDay to our hour count.
return $hours; //after we are completely done counting, just return the hours from the function.

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