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need to add to cookie


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if a user clicks ?hide=1 or ?hide=2





	if (isset($_GET['hide'])){
$id = intval($_GET['hide']);
setcookie('hide', ''.$id.'',time()+32000000);
header('Location: index.php');


How do I make it so if they click ?hide=1 it ad's 1, but what if they do ?hide=2 also? it would need to be 1,2  not just 2.


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By putting in logic that does one thing if it's 1 and another thing if it's 2?


Brain is absolutely trash today.


I just need to set my cookie to 1,2 if the data is 1 and somone got ?hide=2, it needs to be 1,2.  How to do this? Now if they do ?hide=2 it needs to be just 1, lol sorry but this is killing me

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I am guessing that monkuar needs this to toggle some element on client side.

So the logic should be if ?hide=1 and 1 is in the cookie remove it otherwise add it. Same thing for ?hide=2.

So in order to do this, You need to get the cookie content ($_COOKIE['cookie_name']) check if the value is in there and set the new value.

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If it's a client-side thing then this could be done in JavaScript...


$cat_ids = (isset($_COOKIE['collapseprefs'])) ? explode(',', $_COOKIE['collapseprefs']) : array();


I have this code that reads arrays like 1,2,3,4


i need to get arrays like that stored in a cookie...


but like what if somone clicked ?hide=4


then the array needs to become 1,2,3



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