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classified ads system

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Hello I have been playing with php for some time now, and I have created an unusual classified ad service. 

I tried to make all php secure against threats. I would be thankful to hear your feedback about overall picture of this website and is it friendly.


The actual website: http://personthat.com


As it is necessary to log in to post something, here I provided some test accounts:




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When I first saw your web page, I was confused as to what I should do there. I had to read the About page and the FAQs page. After that I'm still confused. The front page has a lot of room for more information. I don't see any needs or wants posted on the front page. How does one search for them using the search bar? I think if you had them listed in some way with hyperlinks or text on a page, that would be great. Other than that, it's a good start. I'd say it still needs a lot of work.

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