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Age & Date of Birth


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Hi guys,


My apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I am not really sure how to go about this.


I have not written any code for this but I have four fields in one table one called age and 3 others dobmonth / dobday /dobyear -


My question being how would I write some code that automatically fills in the age field based on the date of birth fields?


If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome,



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I was using a date before but does it not require users to use dd/mm/yyyy ? I now have 3 selects which nicely lets user select the month day and year, is this possible to put into one date field? if so enlighten me!


Back to the main question my age field at the moment is in the same table as the dob fields and it is an int. - or is this not what you meant?


to floridaflatlander


Is this tutorial about this certain question or similar? if so I will have a look


Thanks for the help so far guys!

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Thanks a lot for the timediff() I think that will help, and it makes sense to store the 3 selects into one variable and to send that through to the server, thanks for the input!


to robertP


I keep reading over the code you wrote and understand it considerably but would it be able for you to explain me how to use that in action?



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