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Blog post and database


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I made myself a simple blog system, but in my case "simple" becomes difficult when it comes to writing an article. Have you ever seen that movie about how facebook was created (I think it's called "Social network" or something like that)? As a newbie web developer I noticed how "Mark" was writting his blog post. I think it was an textarea, and when he was writing article, he wrote it with html tags, like <p>. So, I have now the same problem: when I'm writing article, I have to write it with all div's and p's and a's and img's and so on. I want to avoid that. Few ideas did pop to my head: use preg_replace for some elements, and set up some javascript WYSIWYG editor (but i really don't want it, and can't explain why, I just don't like it). I have a couple of css classes for images, both of them resizes images, one resizes it a lot, other not so much, both make them smaller. One class is for image to be on the left, so the text would wap that image from the right. After paragraph I must clear floats with css class. Other image class just takes full width available and if image is bigger that that available width - it resizes image. So no need to clear floats.


How can I make my life easier when I'm writing article to my blog?

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One more question: when writing html code, it contains quotes. What to do, when my text contains quotes? It's okay when I write articles alone, but if I let someone else write articles, there might be some trouble, I think


Why do quotes matter? As long as you escape it before interacting with the database you're fine.

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