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prevent duplicate insert on array.


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I'm trying to prevent the reinsertion of data if a user refreshes a page. Tried using header() to take them to a new page but I'm using sessions, and it gives an error. Now I'm doing a basic check to see if the field exists before insert...


but I'm inserting arrays. Not sure if I've got this right. Would this work.


if(sizeof($_POST['fname'])) {
// loop through array 
$number = count($fname); 
for ($i=0; $i<$number; $i++) 
   $fnames = $fname[$i]; 
    $lnames = $lname[$i];
    $phones = $phone[$i]; 
    $emails = $email[$i];
    $bdates = $bdate[$i];
    $bdates2 = $bdate2[$i];
    $bdates3 = $bdate3[$i];
    $wids = $wid[$i];
    $rids = $rid[$i];	

$number_of_rows = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tbl_attendees WHERE attendee_fname='$fnames' AND  attendee_lname='$lnames' AND attendee_registrationid='$rid'"));

if($number_of_rows > 0) { // nothing to do. Just want to reload the page without running query insert

} else {

		$query_insertItemWorkshop = "INSERT INTO tbl_attendees (attendee_fname, attendee_lname, attendee_registrationid, workshop_id, attendee_email, attendee_telephone, attendee_bday, attendee_bmonth, attendee_byear) VALUES ('$fnames', '$lnames', '$reg_alone', '$wids', '$emails', '$phones', '$bdates', '$bdates2', '$bdates3')";

		$dberror = "";
		$ret = mysql_query($query_insertItemWorkshop);


<!-- rest of page --> 

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