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trying to include a php file from within a static class function


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I have 2 php files. I am unable to get B's global variable from A's static method:



class c_A
  { public static function f_A()
      { include_once( "B.php" ) ;
        print f_B() ;
c_A::f_A( ); // only prints "B : "



$gvs = "global variable from B" ;

function f_B()
  { return "B : " . $GLOBALS[ "gvs" ] ;



any thoughts?





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I figured it out ... effectively what I was doing is the same as this:


function M ( )
  { //--vvvvv-- from the include
    $gvi = 10 ;
    function N( ) 
      { global $gvi ;
        return $gvi ;
    //--^^^^^-- from the include

    print "N : " . N()   . "<br/>" ;
    print "N : " . $gvi  . "<br/>" ;
M() ;


and of course $gvi is NOT in the global scope in this example ...

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