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include problem


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I have a code where i include file (on submit).


if isset(...

include "example.php";


This example.php contains a variable $message which i later print in original code.


How do i prevent getting undefined variable errors? (before submit button is pressed)




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you can use the default value

for example

$message = "you default value";


//follow you code check here


It's another option but then your blinded as to what's happening to $message. Its only a work around not a practical solution in my opinion.

hope it help

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I know :/ ... i do includes whenever i operate with the databases and forms.

For example, there is a user form for storing company information and few company images.


In original file i usually do the html (form), and submit button isset condition (PHP).

In included file (PHP only) i operate with post variables, create thumbnails, save images, insert to database, select from database.... etc


Then back in original file I usually print out database results, messages etc.





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