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problem with include


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Ok. So I.m trying to learn the language.


I have this program:


<title>PHP Class Lesson 2 - AJ</title>
<h1>The Circumference of a Circle</h1>
<table border="1">
        <tr> Circle Number:</tr>
        <tr> Diamater</tr>
        <tr> Circumference</tr>
        <tr> radius</tr>
        <tr> Area</tr>
foreach($arr as $diameter){
    echo ("<td>");
    echo("<tr align=\"center\"> 1 </tr>");
    echo ("<tr> $diamater </tr>");
    $circumference = $diameter * M_PI;
    echo ("<tr> $circumference </tr>");
    $radius = $diameter/2;
    echo ("<tr> $radius </tr>");
    $area = pow($radius,2)*M_PI;
    echo ("<tr> $area </tr>");
    echo ("</td>");


and in fillarray.inc I have:


$totalnum = rand(0,25);
$arr = array();
$arr[$i] = rand(1,100);


But when I run it, this is the display i get:


$totalnum = rand(0,25); $arr = array(); for($i=0;i<$totalnum;i++){ $arr[$i] = rand(1,100); }

The Circumference of a Circle


Circle Number: Diamater Circumference radius Area


Any help on whats going on?

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The php code in the file you are including must be valid php code, with any opening and closing php tags (you can include anything, like HTML, and php must be told where the php code starts and ends in every file.)


Also, use .php for the extension of the file. It does not matter in this case, but if you start putting database connection credentials in an included file, if the file extension is not .php, someone can browse to the file and get the raw database connection credentials.

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when I add the php tags, i get this error:


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_INC, expecting ')' in /www/99k.org/t/h/e/thegoodvibe/htdocs/Class/Lesson3/fillarray.inc on line 4


if I look at my file, line 4 is:

$arr = array();


and i cant figure out why it tells me that

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