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Looking for Feedback


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I am looking for feedback on a site i have been slowly developing for many years now.

I have been developing it as a hobby and in spare time mainly to just pass the time and learn something new.

This is version 5 from my original site.


Site Background:


My site is a Turn based strategy game, each account is split into three diff characters.

I first got inspiration to start making the game from playing alot other other online games which have come and gone over time so some aspects may look similar but has been coded myself.

I have tried to integrate and develop ideas from all kinda of websites into my game, including social networking features.


ANy feedback is welcomed negative or positive (would rather just the positive) but then there would be no point me asking for feedback if i dont take in the negatives.


website canbe found: www.mypimpgame.co.uk


Thank you for your time

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To be honest I've never played these types of games, but will tell you what I noticed.


signed up and logged in fine..but it did take longer than expected for it to allow me to login, I even went and checked my spam email to see if had to verify it, but that wasn't the case and eventually let me log in.


Ok now I'm in the game. I had no idea how to start playing this game, everything I tried it wouldn't let me do.

I saw the training, kept getting message not enough turns, whatever that means.

So maybe a tutorial on how to play your game would be helpful to new users.


Style, every page you visit at first is fine, then a second scroll bar to the right that does nothing loads and also shoves the page to the left.

Maybe some better spacing on the input boxes and line them up also.


I logged out and left the site, I then returned and tried to log in once more and get "Invalid Login Information Provided", and this is the same information that just logged me in previous.

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I have to be totally honest i haven't gotten around to re-writting my game guide. And i thank you for acturly pointing that out that i don't have a tutorial system up and running to explain how to acturly play the game. Is a major oversight on my behave and one i am quiet ashamed of really.


The login shud have allowed you instant access to your account as i deactiveated the email verification on my last re-write of the scripting as it was bugging me for testing.


I have just tested the signup myself and it allowed instant access, i have however found a glitch that would explain why you was unable to do anything in the Beta_V round running that you joined and this round has been removed as it is no longer compatable with the game due to an update i added a few days ago.



Thank you for your feedback all issues taken onboard and hopefully will soon be sorted.

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