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Can't work out if my syntax is wrong


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Hi all,


As always thanks in advance. My php skills are still at a beginner level but I'm trying to get there!


What I'm trying to do:

Send data to the Mailchimp api (specifically email, name, birthday)


What it currently does do:

Sends and stores email and name


What I cant get it to do:

Send and store the birthday from $birthday string.


First I load the form data:


//Load form data

$day = $_POST['Day'];

$month = $_POST['Month'];

$year = $_POST['Year'];


//Create Birthday in mm/dd format for mailchimp

$birthday = $month."/".$day;


Then I pass it later on to mailchimp:


$mergeVars = array('FNAME' => $parsedName['first'], 'LNAME' => $parsedName['last'], 'BDAY'=>"$birthday");


EVERYTHING in my script works perfectly except for the birthday bit.


So I tried this instead which DOES work, but doesn't use the form data defeating the whole point!


$mergeVars = array('FNAME' => $parsedName['first'], 'LNAME' => $parsedName['last'], 'BDAY'=>"04/04");


I thought it may be the $birthday string wasn't in the mm/dd setup. But after echo'ing it everything is fine.


I get the feeling I'm doing something stupid here. And I think it's syntax based around the 'BDAY'=>"$birthday" part.


Any help will be greatly appreciated! This is driving me INSANE.



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Might be stupid, but you're showing

Load form data $day = $_POST['Day']; $month = $_POST['Month']; $year = $_POST['Year']; //Create Birthday in mm/dd format for mailchimp $birthday = $month."/".$day;()


Then trying to get the results from $birthday, when you are not declaring the variable $birthday, it's commented out


Did you happen to try

$mergeVars = array('FNAME' => $parsedName['first'], 'LNAME' => $parsedName['last'], 'BDAY'=>"$day");()


Or at least uncomment

$birthday = $month."/".$day;()

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