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Create html link that expires after a Paypal Payment


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  Hello and looking for some help please..


I have already read this : http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=120619.0


  What I am after to do, is to after a successful Paypal payment from paypal, generate a link in a wordpress site (or external even) that will expire after 3 days to a video.


  I hope that makes sense please?


Thanks in advance,



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  Hello Batwimp and I thank you very much for the reply.


Correct, it will be... right now, we have a buy it now...  We just want a "rental" option also for them to be able to view it with a generated link during a 3 day period and not download it. 


  Does that make sense?

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You will need to be able to write their information to a database. Store the video information, a user ID, the date they paid, and any other relevant information in a database table and query that table for the date of purchase and compare to the current date. If they are within the date range, output the link via an echo command. But to make sure they don't cheat and copy the link and paste it later, you may need to store the information into a session variable to check against on the video delivery page.


I'm not sure of your level of PHP expertise, so I don't know how much of that you understand.


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